Field of activity

Fields of activity

Main Activities

-Manufacturing, assembling, installation and commissioning of different types of Turbo Compressor /         Generators.

- Repair and maintenance of different types of Turbo Compressor / Generators.

- Design and engineering of Gas Boosting, Gas Injection, Gas Storage and Ethylene Stations.

- Design and engineering of Medium and Small Power Plants.

- Execution of various EPC projects in the Petroleum  and Energy Industries.


Category of activities:

Industrial Gas Turbine Category:

• Production ranges at (17 to 45 MW)

• Application diversity: mechanical drive or turbo generator

• Installation, commissioning and maintenance


Gas Boosting Compressor Category:

• Different types for Sweet and Sour Gas Compressors

• Different types for Process and/or Ethylene Gas Electro Compressors

• Generators range at 17 to 45 MW


General Contractor/ EPC Category:

• EPC Contractor for Gas Boosting,

                                  Gas Injection and

                                  Gas Storage Stations

• 25- 100 MW small and medium Power plants


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